Small Victory

Burnaby, British Columbia

The interior features a material palette that integrates with the base building, while yielding subtle tonal shifts from the columns and slab bands that surround them. Clad in grey stone, the coffee bar is composed of strong rectilinear planes with substantial columnar corners. Each side services a different program for either the customer or the staff. Through the sequence of program and the manipulation of the coffee bar surface, volumes and planes provide passive way-finding for staff and customer activity, including product display, coffee passover, a standing bar, condiment station, seating, espresso station, slow bar, grinding and brewing. The use of custom plated, under-counter espresso machines results in a materially integrated, barrier-free experience between customers and staff.

“Sheaves of wheat are arranged in a square and hung upside down to create an inverted wheat field that floats above the baristas and occupants of the bar. The soft, dense mass references the bakery‚Äôs primary ingredient, wheat, while also providing the functional service of absorbing sound from the reverberant space. Wood is employed to add warmth and softness to the room through the use of slender, blocky chairs in rich earthy tones, that feature expressed joinery and functional detailing. Designed by &Daughters and constructed of raw cherry wood, the stacking chairs feel hand crafted and through their minimal finishing and creamy tone, express the richness and simplicity of coffee.”




Ken Cheung


Conrad Brown
All Day Breakfast

All Day Breakfast

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